The Best Dog Groomer in Midland, Michigan

The Best Dog Groomer in Midland

If you’re anything like me, then you know your family wouldn’t be complete without your fur baby.

Mine is named Barley. And despite being the sweetest little corgi to ever corgi—he’s not a big fan of bathtime.

Unfortunately for Barley, skipping baths is not an option when you love playing in the dirt, rolling in the grass, swimming in the lake, and frolicking in the snow. I would step in front of a moving car for this animal, but if I find muddy pawprints on my couch, we’re going to have issues.

For years now, my family has (gently, lovingly, definitely never yelling into the void) wrangled Barley into the tub for a little at-home spa treatment. We scrub him down, rinse him off, and even trim his nails. He is, of course, the picture of patience as he endures this display of our love.

But when bathtime rolled around a few weeks ago, I was neck-deep in holiday preparations and simply did not have the time or patience to deal with a dirty dog. And that’s when it hit me: I know a dog groomer in Midland!

Barley had never been to a professional groomer before. Assuming I could get him in the door, this could be a great experience for both of us. Plus, as a realtor in the area, I love having small businesses to recommend to my clients.

So, I messaged my friend over at FurBabies Grooming, and what do you know? She had a spot available for Barley that same day.

Within an hour of dropping him off, my dog was squeaky clean, trimmed to perfection, and softer than ever. I was worried he’d look traumatized after the day’s events, but he was energetic and dressed up in the sweetest holiday bandana.

I seriously can’t recommend FurBabies highly enough. Their vibe is so spunky, and they have tons of options available—everything from a simple bath and brush to a full groom. They even offer mobile services if your pet is extra anxious.

Winter used to be one heck of a rollercoaster for Barley and me. Between the snow and the mud, we had our work cut out for us. But no more.

FurBabies, we’ll be back. Thanks for helping to make this season merry and bright for the whole family.