Why You Should Buy a Home in Midland, Michigan

Why You Should Buy a Home in Midland, Michigan

In life, we’re faced with a lot of important decisions.

Where to go to college, which career path to pursue, how to manage finances, who to marry, how many kids to have, how to educate them…

And on and on it goes.

Of course, at the top of the “Major Life Choices” list lies my personal favorite: when and where to buy a house.

As a realtor in Midland, helping people find their ideal homes is my specialty. I take great pride in matching people with houses, pointing out the little details that suit them and their needs. Nothing feels better than introducing a client to their new favorite place on Earth.

Well—except for the satisfaction of watching that place’s value appreciate.

You see, here in Midland, the average homeowner who purchased their house in 2013 has experienced a $100k gain in home equity since then.

Those who bought their homes in 2015 are seeing appreciation to the tune of $90.5k.

Even if my clients didn’t settle in until 2021, their homes have appreciated by over $30k.

I may be the real estate expert, but I don’t have to tell you that those home equity numbers are a big deal. Though every buyer situation is different, the consensus is clear:

Midland is a fantastic place to purchase a home.

Like any important decision, there’s risk involved, but based on these numbers—it’s a risk worth taking.

Am I biased? Absolutely. Living and working in Midland is among my life’s greatest gifts, and I hope to share it with as many people as possible in this lifetime.

But looking at the cold hard facts, if you’re aiming to invest in a house that’s going to make gains for you, Midland is a prime location.

If you have any questions about buying or selling here in Michigan, reach out. I’m happy to help make the big decisions feel smaller.