How to Make a Good First Impression on Homebuyers in Midland

How to Make a Good First Impression on Homebuyers in Midland

When preparing to sell your home, few things are more important than nailing the ever-ambiguous “first impression.”

Like, what does that mean? When your realtor opens your home for showings, will buyers be drawn to your hardwood floors or fresh coat of paint? Will they be more interested in your upgraded kitchen or luxury master bathroom? The front yard or the backyard? What exactly is making the first impression?!

As a long-time Midland realtor, allow me to *demystify* the answer to this question.

The first impression is made by the first thing buyers see—period.

And unless you live in an open-air bungalow (stay warm out there!), that thing is probably your front door.

You have all of seven seconds before buyers’ opinions solidify. That’s not a lot of time to wow them.

Picture it like this: A prospective buyer pulls up to your house and walks to your front door. While your realtor works on unlocking all the things, the buyer is already looking around, forming their first impression… and they aren’t even inside yet!

If your front yard is overgrown and full of weeds, buyers will note that. If the paint on your door is chipping, they have time to deduce that your house is poorly maintained (even if it’s flawless inside). Cobwebs, dust, icy patches that make your driveway hard to navigate—each of these makes a subpar first impression.

And no one needs that! Least of all you.

When I’m helping my clients prepare their homes for the market, I lean on a few tried and true methods to help them make a great first impression.

First up: power washing. Power washing can make such a difference in your home’s curb appeal, and it’s exceptionally noninvasive. A professional can have your house cleaned up in just a few hours for a reasonable price.

In the warmer months, I also encourage my clients to spring for fresh flowers. There’s something uniquely homey about a doorstep with flowerpots, don’t you think? And in the colder months, you can get creative: pumpkins, seasonal wreaths, twinkle lights around the holidays… The possibilities are endless.

Of course, not everyone gets as excited about decorating as I do, so if nothing else, make sure your driveway and walkway are clear. That means stowing toys, bicycles, and other potential trip hazards. And again, watch for ice and deep snow.

The goal here is to get buyers hyped to see the rest of your house. That’s why a fresh set of eyes on things, especially your front door, can be helpful. If you’re not sure what needs a good spruce, ask a friend what stands out to them.

The difference between another showing and a sale might just be a little TLC for your front entry. Nail that first impression and you’ll be moving forward in no time.